Gaboogie Conferencing – open for business!

Gaboogie has opened it’s doors, features include:

  • 24/7 Access
  • Reservationless Conference Calls
  • Free VoIP Conferencing
  • 5 cents/min USA & Canada
  • 7 cents/min for many International Regions
  • SMS Alerts
  • Scheduled Calls
  • Automated Calls
  • Dial-out
  • Recording
  • Operator Assistance

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International Conference Call Services, Local Numbers!

International conference calls can be very expensive for all parties.  If you provide a toll free dial-in number, you’ll be footing the bill for all of those long distance calls.  If you decide to offer people a dial-in number in your own country, to say they will will be unhappy with the international long distance charges they pay would be an understatement.

With Gaboogie, you will have access to a network of international local numbers that can access our conference calling service at local rates.  If you’re holding a conference call with people in Brisbane, Paris, and Vancouver then everyone dials a local number and pays only local service rates.  You pay as low as $0.04/minute/user for the service. No local toll charges for your attendees.  You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month off your existing international conference calling solution.

So, how much does your organization spend on conference calling services every year?  In these times, we are all increasingly looking to find ways to reduce this expense.  Fortunately, with a little planning and Gaboogie, you can host cross border conference calls for as little as you pay for a domestic call.

Check out the cities we support.  If you don’t find your city listed below, contact us and we will do our best to add it for you. For many countries and cities, we can add new numbers relatively quickly.

Vancouver, BC – 604-424-9062
Kelowna, BC – 250-448-2462
Calgary, AB – 587-779-4622
Edmonton, AB – 780-809-3555
Red Deer, AB – 587-797-0701
Toronto, ON – 647-317-9773
Ottawa, ON- 613-317-2901
Pickering ON – 289-315-0561
Montreal, QC – 514-587-2659
Halifax, NS – 902-442-9937
Moncton, NB – 506-800-1058
St. John’s, NL – 709-800-7316
Winnipeg, MN – 204-977-6645

Miami, FL – 786-431-2530
Boston, MA – 857-244-6262
New York, NY – 646-758-9767
Jersey City, NJ – 201-499-1211
Tucson, AZ – 520-300-7564
Detroit, MI – 313-879-6979
Atlanta, GA – 678-298-5482
Philadelphia, PA – 267-414-1565
Huntington Beach, CA – 714-849-5388

London – +442033189837



More being added every day!

Gaboogie will be available in the late fall of 2011.

Best Conference Call Service in Canada

Whether you need local or toll free conference call services in Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa, St. John’s, Victoria, Vancouver, Winnipeg or anywhere else in the world, Gaboogie’s domestic and international conference call service can connect your customers and your team quickly, easily and professionally.  And if your city isn’t one of the Canadian cities listed below, contact us.  We have access to telephone numbers all across this great nation of ours!

Vancouver, BC – 604-424-9062
Kelowna, BC – 250-448-2462
Calgary, AB – 587-779-4622
Edmonton, AB – 780-809-3555
Red Deer, AB – 587-797-0701
Toronto, ON – 647-317-9773
Ottawa, ON- 613-317-2901
Pickering ON – 289-315-0561
Montreal, QC – 514-587-2659
Halifax, NS – 902-442-9937
Moncton, NB – 506-800-1058
St. John’s, NL – 709-800-7316
Winnipeg, MN – 204-977-6645

Conference calls. Updated.

Gaboogie is the tool for having easy and inexpensive telemeetings, globally! Gaboogie is a great solution that combines conference calling with outbound calling, scheduling, and more in an easy + reliable service. With Gaboogie’s rich and easy to use toolset, you can host any kind of meeting you want ranging from a simple conference call to a large lecture with 100 or more participants. Gaboogie also makes it easy record the meeting, and offers storage of that recording at no extra charge.

Gaboogie is optimized for mobile collaboration right from meeting setup, during the in-call experience and continues to provide a call record after the meeting is complete to ensure productivity at your desk or on the road.

With call-in numbers in more than 20 countries and 100 cities today, including Canada, Gaboogie is a local call away from most North American centers, and many European and Asian cities as well.

List of Features:

  • Very competitive per minute rates
  • Online scheduling or Ad hoc dial-in
  • 100 local dial in numbers in 20 countries
  • Free VoIP Conferencing (SIP Registration)
  • Invitations & reminders by email and mobile phone
  • Free call-in option
  • Personal PIN enhances security and participant awareness
  • Schedule call-out using caller ID for PIN-less access
  • Intuitive call moderation controls, including hand raising, call lock, recording and mute
  • Unlimited MP3 Recordings available
  • Convenient web dashboard keeps all your calls at your fingertips
  • Free Call Archiving

Gaboogie will be available in late fall 2011.

The conference that calls you. An autobiography.

Back in 2007 we launched “Conference Calling. Updated”. Gaboogie grew quickly and the story was picked up by GigaOm, CNET, VoIP Watch and others.

Not long after launch we decided to re-jig the offer with an emphasis on mobile (seemed prudent at the time) and launched the first version of that service via Our thoughts on mobile could not have been more wrong. Our customers did not want to complicate their lives by using Instant Messaging & SMS to create group calls, they simply wanted to have a conference call by dialing into a toll free number. The service floundered.

After seeing a steady decrease in volume we decided to make some changes. In 2008 was transformed into a hybrid reservation-less conferencing service with some Gaboogie perks eg. scheduling, outbound calling, recording, etc. Since then the ‘transformed’ Lypp service has grown steadily and for the most part we have happy customers.

Recently we had a service outage that affected a subset of our customers in Canada. In concert with the outage we had support issues where tickets were not making it to the right techs, exacerbating the issue which resulted in some customers leaving, vowing never to return. Certainly not a shining moment in the company’s history.

Today we are again making some material changes in the way we do business and the way we support our customers, for the better we believe.

Sales & Support
On the ticket tracking side we are now using Email, Web Chat, Twitter & Facebook all tied together with Assistly + our call centre to respond and track comments (good and bad), inquiries or issues our customers might be experiencing. The system has been in place for a few days now and most customers are very happy with the results.

Redundancy & Reliability
In preparation for catastrophic failures or partial failures, like the one we suffered earlier this week, we have been hard at work rebuilding the original Gaboogie offer on a completely separate network with independent infrastructure.

The idea here is to provide an alternate service for those who not only want some redundancy and maybe something a little different than Lypp but who also want to save money! The new Gaboogie offer will include prepaid (no expiration of credits) Toll Free service starting at 5 cents/min for North America. It will also include new features in addition to the features already offered by Lypp:

  • Free Signup
  • Free Trial of traditional conferencing service
  • Free VoIP Teleconferencing (Use your IP Phones or Softphones to connect and use the service at no cost! SIP 3261 compliant.)
  • Hi-Def VoIP Conferencing with a premium account
  • Complete Editing of Scheduled Conferences
  • Global Access
    and more!

We are very excited with this new and improved Gaboogie offer. We are hoping to launch and the new service in the next few weeks, follow us on twitter for updates! Combined with our new support and ticketing system we feel Gaboogie will soon be in a great position to once again disrupt the conferencing biz!

Lypp growth continues, v3.0 is nearing completion.

I am happy to report that growth at Lypp is accelerating despite this crummy economy. It would seem as though many are looking to reduce travel costs by making use of teleconferencing and the like, which is good news for Lypp.

While contending with growth, we have been busy readying for the new Lypp 3.0 beta and things are looking rosy. I can’t tell you what we are doing but I can tell you the changes will have a positive impact on conferencing and will add significant value for our users. We should have a beta of the new service out by late fall all current users will be invited to trial the new service and the new price.

Conference calls made by Canadians via Canadian Service Providers

It should be no surprise that Conference Calls are on the rise but in Canada there is a certain patriotic sentiment that seems to be sweeping the nation. With the Canadian dollar making it’s way downward, the incentive for conference calling using Canadian conference service providers is growing rapidly.

Many of the CSPs (Conference Service Provider) are based in the US, which means US prices and higher usage costs for calls made by Canadians for calls based largely in Canada.

The answer is to use a Canadian conference call service provider. Some of the conference call providers that claim to be Canadian are not based in Canada, they simply sell services to Canadians.

The hidden fees will get you in the end.
– Make sure that you are paying in CDN dollars
– Are there monthly fees and/or setup fees?
– Do you pay for call recording and storage?
– Watch out for system access fees.

Lypp offers a no fuss, “Pay for what you use” system, including great features like;
– Microsoft Outlook plugin for syncing your Outlook Calendar with the Lypp service
– Scheduled Outbound dialing to more than 30 countries (no need for International toll free)
– Immediate Activation
– Simple and easy Sub-user account creation
– Online billing and detailed invoicing

Nothing could be easier or more affordable, especially for Canadians.

Check out Lypp today, and start saving.